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Irina's love for art in different periods of her work was expressed in the creation of handmade dolls, porcelain painting. But painting became the work of her whole life. Irina is a multifaceted artist who is attracted by the conventional world of art, the study of various techniques, materials, the ability to transform paint into color. Irina is fascinated by the search of something special in a person, special moments in the interaction of people, the creation of new images and impressions. Irina strives to find the basic laws of harmony and formulate them in her works. Irina is one of those artists who, discovering new worlds, are able to create their own: unique, mysterious and inimitable.


Her works encourage us to think, awaken in us the most intimate experiences, deep memories and innermost emotions. The artist speaks to us in the language of love, sensuality, passion. Therefore, her works so touch us to the living, sink into our souls and encourage us to return to them. Irina's painting creates a special mood, an atmosphere in which you always want to be.

"What matters in life is what inspires the heart."

"Each work of art is always a co-authorship of the one who created it and the one who sees and listens to it. Painting is a physiological miracle that cannot be predicted, planned, repeated. Watching and listening to works of art, a person first of all discovers himself and the best in himself. That is why this moment of the meeting is so valuable. The moment of communication with the original painting is like listening to music live, not on record"   

says Irina.

Most often, Irina uses the method of figurative realism to express her ideas. And now in art there is a renaissance of the figurative. «A work of art should give the feeling that there is work behind it», says Irina. Therefore, she concentrates her searches on the creation of a spiritualized painting, because only it has meaning and character. Starting from eternity, applying the techniques of old masters, constantly experimenting, Irina creates her own recognizable style and handwriting. Irina has a good sense of color, tonal-light relationships, composition. And good taste and a sense of proportion give harmony to her work. Her painting is like a holiday that is always with you.

She took part in more than 40 international exhibitions. Both collective and individual. Her work is in the private collections in USA, CANADA, RUSSIA, MEXICO, AUSTRALIA, GERMANY, ISRAEL, FRANCE and other countries. Permanent member of the community European ART WEEK International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Arts from 2008 to the present.

Member of international projects: EUROPEAN ART UNION, WORLD FUND OF ARTS, ART WEEK RUSSIAN, NEXT ART FOUNDATION, EURASIAN ART ASSOCIATION. Irina Goldenfish's painting the "Sagrada Familia" took part in the creation of Beyoncé's film "Black is King" in 2020, which gained great popularity and more than 10 million views. Irina's painting is used for the cover of novel “SAHARA. Poseída por el Desierto” by author Ludmila Millman. Winner of the First Municipal Prize of the president of Playa del Carmen.  Since February 2018, the founder and President of ASSOCIATION OF ARTISTS OF PLAYA DEL CARMEN, Q.R.

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