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What could be more beautiful than tender flowering trees in spring? The gentle spring sun, the light breath of the spring breeze, the honey aromas in the air, like a dope, hypnotize us and give us an incomparable feeling of the fullness of life. The apple tree seems to stretch out its branches to us in a snow-white outfit, inviting us to the Garden of Eden.

The painting is woven from many juicy fleeting textural brush strokes, imbued with warmth and tranquility, an abundance of color and light, simplicity and freshness. This painting will always radiate delight and joy of being.

The harmonious color palette will allow it to fit perfectly into any interior. And since the sides of the painting are painted (gallery decoration), and the painting is already stretched on the frame, the painting is completely ready for hanging.

This painting is suitable for decorating your own interior, and for a wonderful gift to relatives or friends.

Signature: Signed on the front, signed and stamped on the back side.

Certification: COA ( Certificate of authenticity ) signed by the artist.

Size: 67x 100cm. ( 26 x 39 in. )

Materials: Canvas, Oil Paint.

Shipping: Free worldwide shipping.

For a specific size contact the artist

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