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Breath of Spring

Breath of Spring

Luxurious lush bouquet of Peonies and apricots freshly plucked from the tree give us the Spring mood like nothing else. The sun's rays pass through the apricots, making them transparent. All colors on the canvas are calm, muted: pale pink palette, dark green, ivory.

This painting gives inspiration, an atmosphere of freshness and pleasant memories.

The picture is painted on a professional cotton canvas with professional organic oil paints.

The painting is made in the classical academic technique of the old masters (Leonardo da Vinci). The method of layer-by-layer application of translucent tones using organic varnishes. From above, the picture is covered with a picturesque dammar varnish. The tonal relationships are sensually and subtly executed: light, shadow, partial shade and reflexes. This gives an extraordinary effect of image volume, depth, effect 3. The photo does not adequately convey the impressive effect of the picture. Live picture looks brighter, richer and more tangible.


Painted by Irina Goldenfish



Signed on the front, signed and stamped on the back side.



COA ( Certificate of authenticity ) signed by the artist.



90 X 130 cm



Canvas, Oil Paint.



Free worldwide shipping.

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