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Lily Pond

Lily Pond

The lily pond is a beautiful, pacifying painting. Bright and juicy water lilies soar above the ultramarine water of a quiet pond. They catch the warm rays of the summer sun and pass them on to each other. A multicolored cascade of lilies extends from the depths directly towards us. You just want to touch them with your hand and scoop up the warm water of the pond with your palm. This painting is so voluminous and deep that it gives the impression of the reality of life.


This effect is 3D by the artist thanks to the pasty manner of painting. The painting was done using the impasto technique. Impressionist strokes give the painting even greater dynamics, they make the image more explicit, dense and expressive. They are free and rich in color and texture. A rich color palette will allow it to fit perfectly into any interior.


The painting was painted by the artist Irina Goldenfish on a professional canvas (linen, cotton) with professional oil paints. The painting has the author's signature on the front and back side. The painting has a decorative frame made with gold paint. This creates a beautiful and rich golden frame effect. Thus, the painting does not need a frame.


Summer landscapes of nature are unusually pleasing to the eye during the period of seasonal bad weather, rains and snows. Summer nature landscape with a lake or river, an overgrown pond and water lilies can always be an unexpected and pleasant gift for your loved ones.

The painting is sold on a wooden stretcher, completely ready to hang.



Signed on the front, signed and stamped on the back side.



COA ( Certificate of authenticity ) signed by the artist.



80cm x 100cm 

For a specific size contact the artist.



Canvas, Oil Paint.



Free worldwide shipping.

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