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The painting Rockefeller Emeralds is the fourth painting in the luxur limited series “Luminescence” by artist Irina Goldenfish. The painting is made in a unique innovative author's technique with many special effects. This technique is interactive, has volume and a unique texture, and has a 3D effect. Through the application of the laws of physics, light, color, layer-by-layer application of oil paint and various mediums, the artist managed to achieve maximum luminescence of the painting, a mother-of-pearl effect, and the creation of the effect of light emission.

    This is a brilliant, bright interior fantasy on the theme of juxtaposing the sea with luxurious emeralds. The painting is named after the magnificent Rockefeller emerald, which broke the record price. This stone is an amazing natural phenomenon and a great rarity. This is a wonderful example of rich, vibrant color. Its merit lies in the fact that it has “an extraordinary combination of size, origin, quality and lack of artificial refinement, which has the most positive effect on its rarity and demand. «This property of this emerald was the basis for the idea of ​​creating painting.

The painting breathes and sways, delighting in the play of light and the unusual radiance of the sea depths. The movement of water flows slowly, as if it wants to splash out over the edges of the frame. This is a piece of macro-water captured by the artist in one moment. Piercingly dark ultramarine and matte ink tones create depth and create direction of movement. The lacy patterns of sunlight following the movement of water resemble musical notes. Soft shades of turquoise smoothly flow into soft lilac and menthol. The surface of the sea sparkles under the sun's rays. The beauty and brightness of the sun's glare fascinates and dazzles. This painting has an amazing magic of attraction. I want to look at it endlessly and find something new every time.

    Emeralds are considered a symbol of luxury that only a select few can afford. This painting will not only decorate and enrich the interior of the house but will also favorably emphasize the status of the owner.

Signature: Signed on the front, signed and stamped on the back side.

Certification: COA ( Certificate of authenticity ) signed by the artist.

Size: 100 x 150cm. ( 39 x 59 in. )

Materials: Canvas, Oil Paint.

Shipping: Free worldwide shipping.



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