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 Live sunlight is always in your Home. 

   Painting «Tenderness» gives the "little sensation" that Cezanne spoke about. Bright sunlight shines through a glass window and a beautiful Angel girl. The play of light creates an atmosphere of lightness, transparency and watercolor. This pictorial effect is achieved by the techniques of the old masters: grisaille and glaze. A dark window opening on the outside and a light open window on the inside create a sense of depth and volume. The Angel girl is captured at the moment of lightly raising her arms-wings in the dance. This painting is very musical and lyrical.

The painting is done in monochrome black and white. In a light pink color, only the dominant detail is the wings. The feeling of weightlessness in this painting is inspiring and enchanting.

This painting will give the owner a special pleasure, will decorate the interior, create an atmosphere of tranquility and happiness. Painting will adorn any interior.

This painting will be the best gift, because it's filled with positive emotions. Given for a special day, this painting will remind of this date for many years. The uniqueness of hand painted, oil painting is that it can give warmth, evoke indescribable emotions and memories.

Media & Materials:

Cotton canvas 100% by «Fredrix» Premium two-layer coating with an even weave.

High -quality oil paints based on natural pigments «Master Class» St. Peterburg.

Final protective coat with Damar Varnish «Winsor & Newton».     



Signed on the front, signed and stamped on the back side.



COA ( Certificate of authenticity ) signed by the artist.



110cm x 80cm ( 43"x31" )

For a specific size contact the artist.



Canvas, Oil Paint.



Free worldwide shipping

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