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Tulips Holland (4)

Tulips Holland (4)

Tulips-flowers of Spring. This is a symbol of the awakening of nature. These are some of the most beautiful and long-awaited spring flowers. They are delicate, fragile and strong at the same time. We love them for their harmonious flawless form, mystery and subtle energy of love in every bud. Not surprisingly, they were worth a fortune at the time. Painting gives a sense of brightness and joy of life.


Therefore, it will be the best purchase for your home collection or for a gift to your beloved woman.

The painting was painted textured, in an impressionistic manner using the impasto technique. Thick brush strokes accentuate contrasting hues and the movement of colors in the wind. They are free and rich in color and texture. A rich color palette will allow it to fit perfectly into any interior.


The painting was painted by the artist Irina Goldenfish on a professional canvas (linen, cotton) with professional oil paints. And since the sides of the picture are painted, you can hang it on the wall without placing it in a frame.

The painting is sold on a wooden stretcher, completely ready to hang.


Signed on the front, signed and stamped on the back side.



COA ( Certificate of authenticity ) signed by the artist.



70cm x 90cm 

For a specific size contact the artist.



Canvas, Oil Paint.



Free worldwide shipping.

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