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Collection Mosaic Impressionism is a special author's painting, made in a unique innovative technique with special effects. This technique is interactive, has volume and unique texture, has a 3D effect. Through the application of the laws of physics, light, color, layer-by-layer application of mother-of-pearl oil paint and various mediums, the artist managed to achieve the maximum glow of painting, creating the effect of light emission. These are brilliant bright interior fantasies on the theme of the beauty and uniqueness of the nature of the sea and water.

Painting on paintings by Irina Goldenfish breathes and sways, admiring the play of light and the unusual radiance of the sea depths. The movement of water slowly flows, as if it wants to splash over the edges of the frame. This is a piece of macro water, caught by the artist for a moment.

The surface of the sea sparkles under the sun's rays. The beauty and brightness of the sun's glare fascinates and dazzles. This painting has an amazing magic of attraction. I want to look at it endlessly and find something new every time.

Luxury collection Mosaic Impressionism limited edition. Therefore, it will not only decorate and enrich the interior of the house, but also favorably emphasize the status of the owner.

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