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In 2020, Irina Goldenfish's painting “The Holy Family” was featured in the stunning grandiose music film and visual album of  music artist Beyoncé “Black Is King”.


Black Is King is inspired by the 2019 remake of The Lion King. It tells viewers the story of a young African king who is cast out into the world as a baby — and grows up to return home to reclaim his throne.

The film was released on the Disney + platform on July 31, 2020. The singer herself became the author of the script, director and executive producer of the film.

Irina Shchukina with Sagrada Familia Beyonce Black is King featured painting.
Beyon in outstanding dress standing in front of Irina Shchukina's painting Sagrada Familia
Beyon and Jay Z standing in front of Irina Shchukina's painting Sagrada Familia

Irina's painting "The Holy Family" was conceived in support of the theme reuniting the cultures of world humanity, the unity and community of people around the world,their common nature and purpose. Irina's painting was created in the spirit, style Modern Renaissance - a new direction in contemporary art, only – only gaining momentum.


This is a rethinking of the plots of the distant past through the prism of modernity. The Holy Family is a living thread that connects time, continents, feelings and desires of people all over the world. The central figure of Beyoncé is presented in the light image of the Madonna, gently lulling their children. The idea of ​​the artist is to show Beyoncé as she is, real. The way her relatives and friends see her. In simple clothes, with bare feet...

Behind Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia  |  150x270cm

In this painting Beyoncé  looks at us relaxed calm and confident. Her eyes are filled with peace and kindness, penetrating deep into our souls. The world is at her feet and there is no place for drama and expressive emotions. Only a strong sense of love, tenderness and security that Beyoncé gives to her children and everyone who looks at her and believes.

Beyoncé in the image of the Modern Black Madonna resurrects the theme of the sanctity of motherhood and the desire of people for moral cleansing.

The composition of the painting is built in the form of the letter B (Beyoncé). Swirling steps symbolize the stages of the singer's life. Some steps have already been passed, but there is still more to go. The spiraling of the steps reminds us of that everything in the world has this form of development. From DNA molecules to the structure of the universe itself.

7 angels symbolize Beyonce's music albums. They bring her gramophones, success and recognition. Baby Blue Ivy confidentially holds her mother's hand. Lilies match her age at the time of painting. Mom and daughter are made in similar colors: only the girl has lighter, softer, lighter and more transparent tones.Lovely babies Sir and Rumi in the arms of a caring and reliable mother. They are happy and carefree. In silence, against the background of nature, in the distance her beloved island of Capri merges with the horizon.


The painting was made in a museum format, its size is -150x260cm, 60x102in. With her high quality natural materials were used for creation. Oil paints based on natural pigments, linseed oil, damar varnish, linen canvas, Gold leaf. Which made it possible to apply such techniques as sfumato andchiaroscuro, giving the painting a special sense of volume and depth,mystery and noble antiquity.

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