One of the main concepts of Irina's painting is "Black and White". For more than 8 years, Irina has painter more than 300 paintings of this concept. The idea is to create another small moment in life, where the beauty of the woman and her love are at the center. A woman is waiting for love with a glass of champagne, wine or other magical drink. She is a real sorceress who catches your eye. Each painting has its own interesting name, because each painting is a special love story. Different stories, different women, different characters, but they all want to love and be loved.

The concept is executed in black and white monochrome. This gives the paintings a special chic, charm, sense of taste and style. These stories are elegant, sophisticated. Black and White are rich, strict and restrained classics. Characters have character and deep meaning. To implement the concept, Irina uses black and white monochrome, because the harmony of these colors is able to highlight the most important thing, to focus the viewer's attention on it.

Black and white paintings are versatile. Because they have no color, they fit perfectly into any interiors without being intrusive or flashy. Against the background of a neutral color palette, female images become brighter and more soulful. Black is associated with luxury and wealth, bohemianism, high cost and premium class. It is impossible to remain indifferent to him.

A celebration that is always with you. When I draw flowers on my terrace, bees flock on them. It's amazing! But it's true. And I want to believe that this is happening not only because I use dammar varnish, linseed oil, and oil pigments based on natural pigments for their writing. Flower arrangements capture you because they are unusually atmospheric. They create mood with their warmth, soft summer light, lightness, brightness, and transparency. They are filled with the aromas of their time. Flowers are almost always good, pleasant memories of fleeting happy moments of our life ... They give joy, peace and comfort even in cold and frosty times. Keep warm, fresh, good emotions in our hearts forever. Fill the soul with peace and love. 


The idea of ​​creating my art garden originated in the spring of 2019. I decided to dedicate the spring-summer session to creating bright, colorful compositions symbolizing the seasons when fresh flowers are blooming. Spring is represented by peonies, poppies. Summer-sunflowers, roses, gerberas. Autumn - georgins, marigolds ...

  As a former resident of the metropolis, I remember well how intimacy with nature is important, to experience emotions from involvement in its beauty. Therefore I want to offer you small pieces of summer from me with love. Pictures of flowers are universal. They harmoniously and appropriately look in any interiors. As if you brought a lively bouquet of flowers and put it in a vase. It is also a universal gift for any girl or woman, as if you gave her a bouquet of fresh flowers. You get a holiday that will always be with you!